How Bad Do Syrian Hamsters Smell?

Before you want to buy a Syrian hamster, a question may pop up in your mind about how bad does a Syrian hamster smell? First, let me tell you that all hamsters smell, some hamsters smell more than other hamsters. However, I have done complete research on how bad does Syrian hamsters smell, and here’s what I know: 

Syrian hamsters are not as smelly as other hamster breeds, but they still have their own unique odor! Compared to male Syrian hamsters, female Syrian hamsters smell more musky and sweet at the same time!

When a female Syrian hamster goes into heat, her scent glands swell up and produce an oily secretion that mainly produces a musky smell.

How Bad Does Syrian Hamster Smell?

How Can You Prevent Your Hamster From Smelling Bad?

There are many ways to prevent your Syrian hamster from smelling bad! Following will be the few ways you can follow:

Clean Their Cage More Often: Syrian hamsters can smell worse if indeed they live in an uncleaned cage. Therefore cleanwithing the cage is necessary if you don’t want a smelly hamster (clean at the very least twice a week). 

Use An Air Purifier: Sometimes, Syrian hamsters can produce an unpleasant smell when they get into heat. So to keep the tiny under control, you may use an air cleanser. 

Change Bedding: hamster does not go to the toilet; they release their waste (feast & Urine) within their breeding. Therefore it is necessary to clean their Bedding if you don’t want a small hamster. Always be sure you change its Bedding and remove the cage once per week.

Note- Do not bathe your Syrian hamster to get rid of smells. Syrian hamsters will die in the event that you give them baths more often. Instead, you should use wet tissue paper to clean your hamster coat. 

My Hamster Smells Like Pee What Should I Do?

If your hamster smells like pee, then you should clean their cage more often! Uncleaned hamster cage and Bedding may be the main reason your hamster smell like pee. 

Therefore to eliminate urine smells from your own hamster’s body, change their Bedding more often. I recommend using odor control bedding and Lysol wipes to completely clean their cage.

Can I Wash My Syrian Hamster?

That’s a question we get asked quite often. But the answer is no, you should never bathe your hamster. In fact, the only time a hamster will need a bath is if they fall into something dirty and smelly! But you have to dry them up using a hairdryer instantly. The reason being hamster cannot regulate their body temperature well until they are completely dry.

A hamster has very sensitive skin that can easily become irritated or cause infections. In addition, a bath will remove the natural oils that help to protect the pores and skin and is also stressful for them as they are not used to it. 

If your hamster gets wet and you don’t have a hairdryer, keep them under the sun to accelerate the drying process. Towel dry your pet in all the necessary body areas, including between the toes and under the arms, until they stop feeling cold and damp. 


The best way to avoid your hamster smelling is through good hygiene practices. Clean the cage twice weekly by removing all the Bedding and rinsing it in hot water with vinegar or bleach, changing food dishes if needed, remove any old poop piles from their wheel or other sleeping areas vacuum out any dust bunnies that accumulate on shelves where they sleep. If you are searching for more long-term solutions, try an odor eliminator spray like Febreeze, which may be used daily without harming them.