My Hamster Is Drinking A Lot.?

My hamster is drinking a lot. Like when she is done running in her wheel for like ten seconds she has to go and drink. A little while ago when I cleaned her cage she peed everywhere and then drank more and then she was drinking for a while. I read somewhere that if they drink a lot it isn't good. But she is running in her wheel and her ball. Is she fine? I want to make sure cause I just got her and I don't want her to be sick. Thank you.

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If you just got her, keep an eye on her for a day or so & see if she keeps drinking & peeing this often. If it continues, you should talk to a vet about this. Hamsters, especially dwarf hamsters, can develop diabetes. Excessive thirst & peeing are symptoms & diabetes can be deadly but can also be controlled with medicine if caught in time. She could have some other health problem too, but only a vet could tell you what's wrong & how to take care of it.

- Jenny

I've raised hamsters. There is a strong possibility that your hamster may have a very serious problem. I had hamsters that did this. They would drink a lot, then, go pee. They also fell down and got cocky with me. Your hamster has a drinking problem. Alcoholic hamsters are very common. Most of them come from Ireland, where alcohol abuse is even more prevalent than in America. Here's a link to check the signs of alcoholism.
April fools! I checked another Yahoo answers link. Your hamster could have diabetes. If she's diabetic, she shouldn't drink alcohol. Alcohol turns to sugar in the bloodstream.

- Maggie

It does sound like your hamster might be diabetic. Is she a dwarf? Diabetes is very common in dwarfs but if you take care of her right it shouldn't be a problem keeping it under control. Here are the symptoms to look for:
Symptoms of diabetes
• Increased thirst; excessive
• Excessive peeing; strong-smelling
urine with either a sweetish or
acetone (nail polish remover) smell
• Sudden weight loss or weight gain
• Tiredness (sleeping more than
usual) or excessive exercise, or a
combination of both
• Irritability (only in some); unusual
biting when the ham didn’t bite
• Increased hunger
If it seems like she has these symptoms go to and click on "dwarf hamster diabetes information" in the green panel on the right of the screen. It will tell you what to do to test her urine to see if she is diabetic and how to care for her if she is. The test strips are only about $15 at a Walgreens pharmacy so not too bad. Good luck and enjoy your new little girl!

- Steven

I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! YOUR HAMSTER IS PREGANT. Usually when Hamster drinks a lot that means that they are pregant. To be a 100% sure take your Hamster to the vet to make sure that it is pregnant. Good luck to you and your hamster and soon future hamsters.

- Katie

Most hamsters drink a lot when the run on their wheel. I think she'll be fine, just as long as she's not like drinking the whole bottle in one day!

- Bobby

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