Is There Something Wrong With My Hamster?

Just a few minutes ago my hammie made a noise that scared me so bad.

I came into my room and I heard this loud squeaking mixed-in with a noise that sounded kind of like someone trying to breathe through their nose when they're stuffy. Thats the best way I can possibly explain it.

I immediately took her out of her cage and started petting her and gently patting her back, I thought she was choking but she looked just fine.

Should I be worried? Or should I just let it go? Any info would make me feel 10 times better!

Answers From The Community

I don't know if it's the same noise, but you've explained exactly the type of noise my hamster makes in his sleep, the first time I heard it it shocked me, then after a few times it was the same, then one day it was SO loud, it really scared me..
I did some research on the internet of hamsters making noises in their sleep, and loads of peoples hamsters do the same thing, hamsters just like humans can snore in their sleep, my hamster now does it at least once a day, and this is only when I hear it, he could do it a lot more.
I don't know if your hamster was asleep, but judging by the time of day, she must of been.. If not then i'm sorry if this wasn't' of any help.

- Angie

If it's what I think it is hamsters make that noise when they are scared, I had a hamster who made a noise that to me sounded like a squealing pig. She did it when the cat got into my room once and got on top of the cage, the hamster was fine she never got touched, she just started making that terrible noise.
When she made that noise I would just darken the room and then close my door and leave her to it, if I didn't, if I stayed as soon as she had calmed down and I left her she'd just start making the noise again.

- Ellen

This sounds to me like the sounds of pain that they make. They make fast, loud squeaks when they've hurt themselves, or when they are hurt all of a sudden. Do you have a wheel with wire bars? If your hamster hurt her paw in it, that could be the reason she made those noises. Also, they can make strange noises when they are startled or scared. My hamster started making quacking sounds when he stepped in water. I would watch your hamster closely for a few days to make sure nothing is wrong, and if nothing happens, then it could just be a one time thing. If you're really worried, maybe you should take her to the vet to get checked up on. Good luck.

- Steven

My hamster made noises like that when I first got her sometimes she does that when she's sleeping I wouldn't be worried if you wake a hamster they will go on their back and squeak at you. Don't worry!

- Erin

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