How long do hamsters live?

If you’re considering adopting a pet hamster, you’re probably wondering how long they live. Will you have to commit to keeping your new furry friend for 15 to 20 years like other common pets, or only for a year or two?

What Do Hamsters See and Hear?

How do hamsters see and hear the world around them? Can they even see their owners and other animal companions?

Do Hamsters Make Noises?

Do hamsters make noises? This might seem like a silly question to many; however in the mind of an actual hamster owner, this inquiry should be of the utmost importance.

How Long Do Hamsters Sleep?

The hamster is really a very popular caged pet and is frequently the first pet a child has, but how does a hamster's sleep cycle impact owners? Additionally, how can you know if a hamster's sleep cycle is normal to begin with?