Best list hamster toys which you should have

When choosing toys for your hamster, it's important to provide a variety of items that will help keep it physically active and mentally stimulated.

How Do I Keep My Hamster Warm?

Hamsters are furry little creatures, so that they don’t always appreciate high temperatures. Hamsters can overheat rapidly, if you want your pet to live an extended life, it’s vital that you keep them warm, but not too comfortable.

How Bad Do Syrian Hamsters Smell?

Before you want to buy a Syrian hamster, a question may pop up in your mind about how bad does a Syrian hamster smell?

What Kind Of Sand To Use For Hamsters?

Sand is a popular bedding or bathing option for hamsters because it’s inexpensive and easily replaceable. However, what kind of sand should you use for hamsters is a question asked by many hamster owners.

What can i use for hamster bedding?

Bedding is a vital section of a hthemster’s cage setup. Without bedding, hamsters can’t dig burrows, conceal their food, stay warm, or hide when feeling afraid.

Hamster Cage Setup & Buying Guide

Hamster Cage Buying Guide - If you have a hamster, then you know the importance of a cage to your furry friend’s health and comfort.

How to bathe a hamster with water?

Hamsters are naturally very clean and tidy animals; you'll often see them grooming themselves. This grooming is normally sufficient to help keep your hamster looking, feeling and smelling clean. Under normal circumstances it isn't a good idea to wash a hamster at all.

How Do Hamsters Get Mites?

Hamsters have become popular pocket pets worldwide because of their docile nature, simple care, and low cost. However, hamster owners may be unaware that their hamsters could be infested with various parasitic pests like mites or bugs, which cause suffering and discomfort for these little creatures.

Why Does A Hamster scream?

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Why Is One Of My Hamster’s Eyes Bigger Than The Other?

I visited a local pet store to buy few hamsters; however, We spotted a hamster with one eye bigger than the other.

Hamster Care Guide - How to Take Care of a Hamster

Do you own a hamster? Or did your kids just bring them home from the pet store? Don't know how to take care of adorable hamsters? 

Should I Get Pet Insurance For My Hamster?

Hamsters are tiny, low-maintenance pets, which is why they’re a family group favourite with regards to choosing an a goodimal to bring in to the home.